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Specialty Lighting

If you're a business owner or property manager in the Longview or Tyler, Texas area and wish to customize the interior or exterior design of your business or property, look no further than the expert electrical technicians at Daystar Electric! If you want to increase the aesthetic appeal or improve your energy efficiency through higher quality lighting fixtures, come to Daystar for all your specialty lighting needs. Our qualified professionals can help you design a custom plan to perfectly suit your lighting needs.

LED Lighting

Daystar Electric specializes in LED lighting, a rapidly spreading technology growing in use in the commercial and industrial spheres in East Texas and worldwide. LEDs are replacing the outdated incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems of the past thanks to their high efficiency, reliability, and longevity for businesses in Tyler and Longview. Because of its ability to shed excess heat, high-power white light illumination is increasingly important. Thanks to new advancements in lighting technology, LED bulbs create more light than heat, rather than the reverse situation of older lighting systems. As a result, LED lighting is the modern choice for East Texas commercial and industrial businesses to get the maximum capabilities from their electrical units.

If you are interested in learning more about LED lighting, call Daystar of Tyler, Texas to speak with an experienced technician. Not only do we specialize in LED lighting but we are also experts in many other areas of lighting design. Some of the services we offer assistance with include:

  • Commercial Interior/Exterior Lighting for Businesses in Longview and Tyler
  • Landscape & Parking Lot Lighting for Businesses in Longview and Tyler
  • Decorative Holiday Lighting in Longview and Tyler
  • Security Lighting in East Texas
  • Energy Efficient Lighting in East Texas
  • Track and Accent Lighting in East Texas
  • Electrical Panel Updates for Tyler and Longview Businesses

And with Daystar-owned lift equipment there is "NO LIFT FEE"!

When you want your commercial lighting needs met quickly, reliably, and efficiently, there is only one company to call for all of Tyler, Longview, and East Texas! Let Daystar ensure your business and property have the optimum lighting methods and designs that work best for your business.